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Withstand 500-Hour Salt Spray Test and 300-Hour UV Exposure Test — AGG Generator Sets Are SGS Certified





Under the Salt Spray Test and UV Exposure Test conducted by SGS, the sheet metal sample of AGG generator set’s canopy has proved itself a satisfactory anti-corrosion and weatherproof performance in high salty, high humidity and strong UV exposure environment.










As one of the essential parts of the generator set, the corrosion and weather resistance of the generator set canopy greatly affects the service life of the generator set. A canopy with high durability, good anti-corrosion and weatherproof performance can significantly lower the interference and erosion caused by the harsh external environment to the equipment and guarantee the long and stable operation of the project.


Rigorous Manufacturing, Proven Superior Quality


AGG regards quality as its life, and always strictly abides by the ISO9001 international quality standard system in the production process. From the pre-treatment process of degreasing, descaling, and phosphating of the canopy, to electrostatic powder coating, curing, baking and final inspection........ With rigorous and high-standard attitude, AGG keeps developing and optimizing the production materials, technologies, and devices to produce high quality products.